What Makes a Great NYC Bagel?


Many bagel enthusiasts will tell you that you can’t get a great bagel outside of New York City. They’ll say it’s the water that makes it so unique. But, is it really the water? The short answer is no. While water chemistry does influence the baking process making them soft and chewy, it’s the production that is the real hero. New York City water is unique in that is is very soft compared to other big cities. Water hardness enhances the strength of the gluten, the protein compound that toughens baked goods. This explains why bagels outside of New York City are tougher and harder to chew.

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Photo Credits: NY Bagel Cafe & Deli – Philadelphia, PA

Far more influential is the production process of bagels. NYC Bagel  shops typically boil the bagels before baking them in the oven. The bagels are placed in a big kettle of simmering water for a few minutes before entering the dry, hot oven. This makes the chewy interior of the bagel and also slightly changes the flavor profile. Some bagel places skip this process. The boiling kettle is very expensive and large so they will brush the bagels with a little water and some baking soda. Then they will blast them with steam once they are in the oven. You can tell a bagel hasn’t been boiled if the bottom is darker and tougher than the rest of the surface. This is because the steam cannot get to the bottom of the bagel if it is placed in the oven. It’s essentially a roll with a hole.

Another NYC Bagel Secret:

Another secret to the great NYC bagel is the fermentation process. The dough is allowed to ferment slowly in wooden containers for hours. This process allows the yeast to produce many different flavor compounds. These also not only permeate the dough, but they also seep into the wood used giving the final product a unique flavor that cannot be replicated by newer bakeries. This is why NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop has been ranked “America’s Favorite Bagel Franchise” for years. The NYC Bagel Franchise provides true NYC Bagels at every location without the typical franchise taste. The NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shops’ all across the US understand the importance of a true NYC Bagel and want to serve you only the best. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this franchise knows what they are doing when they serve you with the best ingredients possible. NYC Bagel’s have been featured  in The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Forbes, The NY Daily News, The Village Voice, The Forward, and many more publications.  Also has been featured on ABC News, The Jon Stewart Show, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods and many more television programs.